Breaking down the microbiology world one bite at a time

Life After Death: Using the Human Microbiome as a Forensics Tool

We are never alone…even in the moment of death. Our microbiomes stay with us until the last second. Interestingly enough, the moment we die, our “microbial clocks” start ticking! Learn more about this unique clock and how it can help forensic scientists solve cases in the future.

Keeping an eye for the gut microbiota!

The gut microbiota is full of surprises! Already proven to be linked with our immunity and metabolism disorders such as obesity or diabetes, it seems like it could also affect our eyes…

Behind the scenes: Enigma of epigenetics

Epigenetics, a budding field in biology, is the study of the influence of environmental factors on the genes of an organism. Recently, researchers have utilized epigenetics to design new vaccine candidates.

Microbes eating plastics

Microbes are everywhere, and they have a large repertoire of degrading chemicals. Some microbes can even degrade plastics…


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