Breaking down the microbiology world one bite at a time

Relationship Advice from Mucus

Healthy relationships require a fine balance between communication and boundaries. Get the best tips from mucus, mediator of our relationship with our gut microbes.

Tale of a troubled microbe

Microbes converse through the exchange of metabolites. Who knew that a simple conversation could improve the drug tolerance of microbes?

The future is green

World, where all processes are carbon-neutral, is closer than you think! Learn how and why algae are important for this transition.

A probiotic cream to treat acne

Skin conditions like acne have been treated with antibiotics for a long time. Alternative treatments are possible now with emerging knowledge about the beneficial effects of bacteria like Lactobacilli.

‘You are what you eat.’

Can bat gut microbiomes provide proof for this generalized truth?

Bats with different dietary specializations have ‘distinct’ microbiomes that suit their nutritional pathways. So it turns out that you might indeed be what you eat… but it is not as straightforward as that.


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