Mikrobologie in kleinen Häppchen

Das Team

Die Gründerinnen

Anaïs Biclot, MSc | Redakteurin und Autorin

Ich komme aus Frankreich und bin aktuelle Doktorandin im Bereich Mikrobiologie an der KU Leuven in Belgien. Hier untersuche ich wie verschiedene Bakterien im menschlichen Darm interagieren. Es fasziniert mich wie Bakterien aufeinander einwirken und als eigene kleine Ökosysteme in verschiedenen Umgebungen funktionieren und dabei unsere Umwelt und unsere Gesundheit beeinflussen. Auch wenn man sie nicht sehen kann, sind Mikroben doch überall. Daher hoffe ich, dass MicroBites etwas Licht ins Dunkel bringen kann.

Wenn ich gerade nicht im Labor bin, schaue ich vermutlich gerade einen Film oder eine Serie, Koche oder Backe oder bin Wandern.

Tanine Daryoush, MSc | Redakteurin und Autorin

Ich bin Doktorandin aus den USA und untersuche das Darm-Mikrobiom und Entzündungen. Ich war schon immer fasziniert von unseren mikroskopisch kleinen Bewohnern und Nachbarn. Daher möchte ich mehr über sie lernen und verstehen, was einen guten Mikro-Mieter ausmacht. Ich glaube fest daran, dass Wissenschaft allegemein verständlich kommuniziert werden muss und hoffe das hier bei MicroBites zu verwirklichen.

Wenn ich gerade nicht forsche, dann schwimme ich, spiele Tennis, mache Yoga, lese oder scheitere gerade beim Heimwerken. In nicht Corona-Zeiten reise ich gerne oder singe im Chor.

Clémence Joseph, MSc | Website manager

I am a PhD student in bioinformatic specialized in modelisation of microorganism based on their genetic information. I am from France and studied biology and bioinformatics there. I’m now doing my PhD in Belgium at the KULeuven and I am interested in predicting bacterial interactions (cooperation, competition…) thanks to mathematical models. My knowledge in informatics also helped me design the MicroBites website. The rest of my time, when I’m not with friends, I’m practicing piano, drawing and doing Rollers.

Charlotte van de Velde, MSc | Manager-Administrator

I’m originally from the Netherlands, where I studied Microbial Biotechnology & Health and Science Communication at Leiden University. I now live in Belgium where I am doing a PhD at the KU Leuven. Currently I’m working on a topic in microbial ecology, trying to unravel the interactions between different gut bacteria. While I love to see how such tiny organisms can form big (and important!) communities which can be used for many applications, I also love to share my knowledge and enthusiasm about this subject. So this website is a good way to combine both :-).

If I am not working in the lab, you can find me dancing salsa or riding my racing bike though the beautiful nature in the area.

The contributors

Tess Deyett, PhD | Writer

I am a bioinformatician under the guidance of Dr. Philippe Rolshausen at the University of California Riverside studying plant-microbe interactions with a primary interest in sustainable agriculture. I also serve as the assistant feature editor for Phytobiomes Journal and Plant-Microbe Interactions while managing my own podcast (The Microbe Moment) and blog ( I aspire to share how microbes are a constant force of good to every person and that everyone has many microbe moments to share with the world!

Olivia Duddy, MSc | Writer

I am a fourth-year PhD student in Molecular Biology at Princeton University. My research interests lie at the intersection of chemistry and microbiology. I study quorum sensing and interkingdom signaling in the bacterial pathogen Vibrio cholerae and a V. cholerae-infecting virus. Outside of the lab, I enjoy reading and writing, and playing cards.

Mathias Bonal, MSc | Writer-Translator

I am a 4th year PhD student in applied microbiology at Université Libre de Bruxelles. I am also passionate about science in general and very interested in popularization of science. That led me to regularly contribute on Wikipedia, organize (and sometimes give) conferences plus writing blog posts for a scientific skepticism association. All with the same goal: try to make science as much accessible as possible for the public!

My projects (FR): Comité Para, La petite vie nulle des intellos

Yohann Geraldes | Translator

I am an undergraduate student in Bioengineering. I like learning new things and I’m curious about pretty much everything. Translating allows me to learn more about microbiology. I enjoy hiking and discovering new places.

Steven Pilon, MSc | Translator

I’m a biochemist born and raised in The Netherlands. My aim at MicroBites is to show that science isn’t all that hard – it’s an everlasting source of wonder. Which is easier to see if there’s no heap of oddly specific details and/or a paywall between you and the information 😉

Santiago Chaillou, BSc | Translator

I’m an Argentinian PhD student at KU Leuven, Belgium. After finishing my Licenciatura in Biotechnology studies in Argentina, I worked for four years in R&D developing biomedical products using microbiology. Currently, I’m attempting to move aside from my beloved microbiology to join the dark forces of synbio.

When I’m not at the lab, you can find me playing the guitar at home, drinking ‘mate’ in a park, or trying to write some poetry.

Maria Martynova, BSc | Writer-Translator

My name is Maria, and I live in New Jersey, USA. I graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in microbiology. After spending many years doing research in the lab, I decided to switch gears and focus on writing about science. My goal is to become a scientific journalist, someone who will make science fun and accessible to those who want to learn more about the world. As a part of the MicroBites team, I am responsible for setting up the version of this website in Russian. In addition, I am planning on publishing my own articles, so if you are interested in learning about environmental microbiology, stay tuned! 🙂
When I am not writing, I love spending time in nature, either by myself or with my friends. I also love baking and painting.”

Julie Starkey, BSc | Writer

I am a current graduate student at Colorado State University studying microbiology. My Master’s thesis focuses on genetic elements known as Toxin-Antitoxin Systems in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and how they contribute topathogenesis during infection. I am continually fascinated by infectious diseases and the molecular intricacies of microbial virulence. When I’m not running experiments, I am mentoring students and teaching others about the incredible microbial world around us. Outside of the lab, you will likely find me cooking, playing videogames, and spending time with my cats. 

Guest authors: